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   Author  Topic: THE PROGRAM  (Read 6016 times)
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« on: Oct 7th, 2010, 5:23pm »
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First part (All Ziad)
Music Otl W Darar (from CD Latifa)
Sallimlee 3aleh
Kifak Inta
Corus: Piano - Raj3a bi2izn allah
Allah Kbeer
Eh Fee Amal
Oussa Zgheeri Kteer
Corus: Bima Inno - 3ayshe Wa7da
Ma Shawaret 7ali
3oudak Rannan
Second part
Music Film Americi Taweel
Ya Rayt
3al Ta7ouneh
Layl W 2ouda Minsiyyeh
Corus: 2as2is Wara2 - Tallou l Siyyadeh
Wata Al Douwwar
7amra Stay7atik
Iltillak She la la la
Immi Namet
Immi Namet
Boukra Birja3
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« Reply #1 on: Oct 7th, 2010, 6:57pm »
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predictable. old songs are kind of fillers...
i am always intrigued that concerts are tied to album releases and then she sings 4 songs of the 10. not even the instrumentals...
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قلبي إن هجرتك يدبحوا مرة الفراق
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« Reply #2 on: Oct 8th, 2010, 8:04am »
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I LOVE the CD... it was the worth the wait.. and i hope they have recorded a lot more for later... Fairouz and Ziad are Lebanon's only musical destiny in today's mess... let's start! Cheesy
- 2aal 2aayel: I LOVED the song... muscially and lyrically... and her voice is great... especially the last part about the past and present.. fantastic idea...
- Al Ardu Lakom: It was too short... i didn't feel it's necessary to include on the CD... They can have added anything from the Beiteddine live recordings... I liked the end... the song starts a bit lower and grows louder and louder... Nice psychological effect
- Allah Kbir: Fantastic... lyrically and musically... and vocally
- Bektob Asamehon: I imagine it was the problem track that they were fighting over. Ziad wanted it and Fairouz and Rima didn't... I loved it.. it was a nice gesture and a reminder that the story started with 3 simple geniuses: Assi, Fairouz, and Mansour. I wish it were longer and she sang on it.. it would have made her more involved and human with the trio to hear her sing their names... Sad
- Eh Fi Amal: I would have liked the CD to be named Allah Kbir, but after hearing this song... It is absolutely one of the top 10 very best of songs ever recorded with Ziad... musically and vocally and the lyrics are just pure poetry about the simplicity of reality, and the reality of a simply lost love...
- Essa Sghiri Kteer: Is like the final trilogy of the "Absolute Love" songs as i call them. "Ma 2dert" Nseet, then "Ana Fez3ani", and now this is the final of the trio. The 1st song about a dead love after years of estrangement, the 2nd about fearing the loss of one's love and being forgotten, and the third about the love story of 2 lovers, the time that can never be reversed, and its cost.
- Kbiri l'Maz7a Hay: I liked the live Beiteddine version better. This one was too long and Fairouz sounded like she just woke up... As if she is in the dark, dark night and yet she sounds like she is inside a studio... I liked the musical effects .. it sounded like it's raining.. really lonely at night.. amazing musical imagery... the ending is fantastic, the violin piece... but it was too long and slow and Fairouz's voice felt like it was more like rehearsing than the actual version.
- Kell ma l'7aki: Amazing track.. i love this version and the 80's version that Ziad originally recorded with his chorus and with different lyrics. Beautiful music and lyrics. Pure Ziad genius with Fairouz's magical vocals.
- l'Bint l'Shalabiyya: Another fantastic remake... They should another To Assi CD... i know the world will want one! Fantastic musical arrangement and vocals.
- Ma Shawart 7aali: Love the track.. but the way it begins is just weird. Sounds like she is a farmer's wife complaining about life after marrying her farmer husband for 50 yrs... lol.. i loved the image... i can imagine her wearing farming clothes with gloves and chicken running around her hehe... I loved the song... Pure Fairouz/Ziad comedy pop.
- Tall l'Za3tar is an amazing musical piece. Cannot say anything else.
AS for the concert... Singing Rahbani repertoire does not mean the legal issues are resolved. As you see, she sang songs by Elias Rahbani, with whom she has no problems.
And the Rahbani Bros. compositions that were originally recorded in the early 60's OR earlier MEANING their copyright date expired (50 yrs and older) and they have become available for anyone to use without the permission of the owner, UNLESS the owner re-recorded them and re-registered them to renew the copyright claims Smiley
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« Reply #3 on: Oct 8th, 2010, 10:29am »
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That program is the same old one.  but i am so jealous of everyone there.  was it full?  
good review of the album blue thanks.  Smiley
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« Reply #4 on: Oct 21st, 2010, 8:53am »
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hamara stayhatek then baadana
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